Price List

Classic Karoo Safaris
Species Price List for 2020

BlesbuckUS$ 400
Duiker, CommonUS$ 200
GemsbuckUS$ 1100
KuduUS$ 1200
Red HartebeestUS$ 850
Mountain ReedbuckUS$ 600
SteenbuckUS$ 270
Black Wildebeest  (TOPS Permit required)US$ 900
Blue WildebeestUS$ 950
Warthog (where possible)US$ 400
BushpigUS$ 650
Red LechweUS$1800
Springbuck, CommonUS$ 300
Springbuck, BlackUS$ 500
Springbuck, CopperUS$ 700
ImpalaUS$ 380
Nyala**US$ 1850
BaboonUS$ 150
Burchell’s zebraUS$ 850
WaterbuckUS$ 1200
Cape elandUS $ 2200
Fallow deerUS $ 700
Aardwolf(permit pending)US $ 500
Bat-eared fox(permit pending)US $ 350
Cape buffalo**P.O.R
Klispringer**US $ 900
Vaal Rhebuck**US $ 1500
Cape Grysbuck**US $ 950
Bontebok**US $ 1400
Caracal with Dogs**US $ 1500
African Wild Cat (permit pending)US $ 400
GenetUS $ 300
JackalUS $ 200
PorcupineUS $ 50
OstrichUS $350

The hunting daily rate is US$ 320 per person per day for a one on one and US$ 260 per person per day for a two on one.

Observer’s rate is US $200 per person per day.

This covers accommodation at the lodge, professional hunters, trackers, vehicles, concession fees, trophy preparation, delivery to local taxidermists.

Road transfers to and from Bloemfontein or Port Elizabeth Airports are $300 per trip. 

** these animals are not on concessions in close proximity and may require longer trips or days away and will be quoted accordingly

All meals, refreshments and local liquor are included.

Rifle hire is US$ 50 per day and includes ammunition. Shot gun ammunition will be charged separately.

Rate for non-hunting arrival and departure days is US $ 200 per person per day.

Any wounded or lost animals are paid for in full by the client.

All our hunting is walking and stalking only. All hunting is done in the company of an experienced professional hunter.

The above species are the most sought after in this area, if there is another species that you are looking for please contact us and we will try and arrange it.

Prices do not include taxidermy, packaging and shipping of trophies, local and international flights and gratuities.Should you wish to hunt on horseback please advise us when making your booking.

A 50% deposit of daily rate secures your booking with balance payable before you arrive and trophies hunted payable before you depart.

If hunt is cancelled within 120 days, full deposit less bank charges and exchange control, will be refunded.

 If hunt is cancelled between 120 and 60 days, no deposit refunded but booking can be moved to another date and deposit will be carried over for that. If that is cancelled deposit will be forfeited.

If hunt is cancelled within 60 days, deposit will be lost.