Ryan Phelan

Ryan is a Professional Hunter with extensive experience hunting in
South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, USA, Scotland, Germany, Austria and Russia.

Ryan grew up in the game reserves of Northern Zululand and the Northern Cape with his father who worked in conservation and hunting. He started learning about hunting and outfitting from the age of 9, accompanying his father on hunting trips. Ryan attained his professional hunters license in 1997 and also completed a Bachelor of Science degree in nature conservation and zoology at Stellenbosch University.


Pete is a qualified Professional Hunter (PH) who has hunted extensively in all corners of South Africa.

Peter was born in Zimbabwe where his family had land in the south eastern corner, farming cattle and game in the Save Conservancy. His passion for outdoors, conservation and hunting led him to study nature conservation at Cape Town University and complete his PH and outfitter’s license in Zululand in 2002. Pete also farms game and cattle in the Great Karoo where he does the large majority of his hunting.