Daryl Crimp’s Whirlwind Visit. Crimpy in the Karoo!!

Daryl Crimp from New Zealand, CKS’s agent, stopped in for a brief visit at our Karoo concession. What a wonderful humourful time was had. That 1.5 days felt like a week of great hunting and 3 fantastic animals were obtained.

It started off with a 4 year dream in the making, a fantastic old free range Kudu bull which he had been trying to get on all previous trips but passed up to ensure his clients got theirs. It was a bull that had a large wire snare around its neck and its points starting to wear down. After waiting for him to show himself, Crimpy made a great shot and put him down in his tracks and ended the pain of a snare on its neck.

This was followed by a lovely walk up into the mountains where we put in a 1 hour stalk which involved crawling a long distance to avoid 2 mountain reedbuck to our left. We then got within 100m of an old worn down mountain reedbuck ram, which Crimpy decided to take based on the age of the animal, the magnificent stalk and setting. What a fantastic tribute to a splendid animal. A leisurely lunch back at the stone lodge was followed by a late afternoon drive. Pete mentioned that there was a huge old Steenbuck ram living in this open plain. Within 2 min Crimpy spotted a Steenbuck. It was the one. This was the beginning of a long crawl with our only cover being a bush about 1.5 foot high. After getting 96m from it Crimpy ,made the perfect shot and he had obtained the most amazing specimen.

We then took him closer to the east coast to finish of with a last evening, last light Bushbuck which he took in spectacular fashion lying down off a termite mound through I tiny window in a tree at 256m.

We welcome having him and his clients back soon to share these amazing experiences.

Crimpy’s 4 year Dream Bull. Free range at its best

Thick old Mountain Reedbuck Ram

A Splendid Steenbuck Specimen
Last Day Bushbuck